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Winter hiking in Val Pusteria – South Tyrol

Infinite expanses

Pristine nature, a fabulous landscape, soft and crisp snow, and a fabulous feeling of freedom, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The same can be said in winter for those who choose to visit Val Pusteria with their snowshoes and snow boots. And when the mist lifts and the sun spreads its warmth and infuses everything with beautifully intense colours, there is nothing better than to spend the day outdoors.

For everyone who is looking for happiness away from the piste.


Monte Stoanamandl

Characters: From the summit you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama; you feel like you are in a completely new world of peace.

Route description: From the Weather cross car park via the toboggan run to the Anratter hut. Turn left at the two bridges to Stoanamandl. On the wide ridge up to the Villa Defregger junction. Always uphill to the clearing with the Tonich shrines. Slightly descending through the high forest, cross the north-east flank of the Old Karl until the forest-free summit with the large Hubertus wayside shrine becomes visible. Slightly to the right through a hollow with small spruce trees to the top of the ridge. On the left you will see the Stoanamandl. Descent on the ascent route.

Starting point: Weather cross Spinga car park
Walking time: 4.15 hours
Difference in elevation: 820 m
Refreshments: No refreshments possible

Henne (Monte Gorno

Characters: There are two ways to reach the summit: The much easier route leads over the Giogo di Gorno, the more challenging, but at the same time guarantees more downhill enjoyment, over the ridge top. The latter variant is now described here. Don’t worry, the view makes all the effort worth it.

Route description: From the car park lot you hike up the toboggan run. At the junction to the Innerhoferalm, later past the Marxeggeralm. Five minutes later a track branches off to the left to the Pircheralm, into the beautiful Würmtal. Hike above the stream into the valley to the narrowing, then switch to the other side of the stream and, going in serpentines up over the wide ridge to the east, you will then discover the Henne summit cross. The descent is via the same way as the ascent. 

Starting point: Rio Bianco car park (bridge)
Walking time: 4.45 hours
Difference in elevation: 1,100 m
Refreshments: Innerhofer, Marxegger, Pircheralm

Monte Luta and Monte Salomone

Characters: An enjoyable snowshoe hiking tour, with interesting ascent and descent and an impressive panoramic view of the rocks of Mount Collalto and, to the south, the Sesto Dolomites.

Route description: From the car park, follow the forest road to the left for 15 minutes, then turn left onto trail no. 31. Steep climb up the wooded Monte Luta ridge, then less steep to Monte Luta. Continue briefly downhill in a north-easterly direction into a gentle saddle, then uphill again. The track splits: straight ahead over the crest to the Monte Salomone or go around to the right (recommended in windy conditions). To the east of the summit both paths merge again. Over the ridge, saddle, short slope to the Monte Salomone. Descent: Ski tracks through the hollow or south of the ridge. Both meet in the Klenkbodensattel and lead to the Taistner Alm, recommended for a stop. Via the toboggan run back to the car park.

Starting point: Parking at the Mudlerhöfe in Tesido
Walking time: 4 hours
Altitude metres: 720 m
Refreshments: Taistner Alm

On the plateau

Characters: Popular rest areas along the way: a bench at 2,300 m, which is particularly inviting to linger on calm days, and the Uwaldalm, which is unfortunately closed in winter, but still offers a place protected from the wind.

Route description: From the Rifugio Fondovalle, cross the bridge, follow the road north and turn right at the next fork. Stay on the road, which turns into an alpine road into the Pfoital valley. Soon afterwards a path leads to the left in several bends to the Uwaldalm. The last stretch leads over a sunny south-facing slope, finally staying to the right on the slightly steep ridge up to the plateau. Hiking north across the plain, you reach your destination: the bench on the plateau. The descent is the same as the ascent, via the Schluchtenweg or the Almstrasse.

Starting point: Parking at the Rifugio Fondovalle of St. Magdalena in Casies.
Walking time: 4.15 hours
Altitude metres: 840 m
Refreshments: No refreshments


Characters: Forests, rivers, high moors and small peaks – the landscape between South Tyrol and the Veneto is a real eye-catcher. Right in the middle are the Nemesalp hut in the South Tyrol area and the Malga Coltrondo in the Italian Veneto. Both are also managed during the winter months.

Route description: From the Almstrasse car park, turn left at the chapel towards “Biotop Seikofel-Nemesalpe”. Follow the summer path through the winter forest, then go to Hochmoos. Turn left at the southern edge of the Hochmoos, climb to the Seikofel and descend over the ridge to Kaltenbrunn. Follow the forest path north and turn right at a crossroads to the Nemesalp hut. Allow an additional 30 minutes for the Malga Coltrondo. The descent takes place via the Hochmoos on the ascent path.

Starting point: large parking lot at the Monte Croce Pass
Walking time: 4.45 hours
Altitude metres: 700 m
Refreshments: Nemesalp hut, Malga Coltrondo

Monte Specie from the South

Characters: At the summit of the Monte Specie you can enjoy what is probably the most beautiful view of the Three Peaks.

Route description: Start at the small parking lot, follow the unpaved road to Prato priazza. After the third bend, turn right onto Sommerweg. Slightly uphill through the forest, across the road that ends. Stay on the levelled road from Prato priazza to Rifugio Vallandro and keep right until you reach Rifugio Vallandro. The climb continues through a small ravine, then right onto the track on a flat slope. Continue uphill, left to the wide plateau of the Monte Specie, past a ruin from the First World War and to the homecoming cross. To descend, follow the ascent path or walk across the Prato priazza.

Starting point: From Dobbiaco towards Cortina d’Ampezzo to Sluderno at the car park
Walking time: 6.15h
Altitude metres: 860 m
Refreshments: Rifugio Prato Piazza, Rifugio Vallandro

Sennes hut and Picio Col de Lasta

Characters: In Pederü, the old military road winds between vertical rock faces up to the Fodara Vedla plateau. Particularly idyllic: the local alpine village with a chapel and old barns.

Route description: Starting from the Albergo Alpino Pederü up the hairpin bends to the Alpine village of Fodara-Vedla and the Sennes hut. Follow the track to the north west over a crest, turn left and hike in a south westerly direction over the ridge to the summit cross. Return the way you came.

Starting point: Parking at the Albergo Alpino Pederü
Walking time: 4.30h
Altitude metres: 850 m
Refreshments: Albergo Alpino Pederü, Sennes hut, Fodara-Vedla hut

Fanes hut and Lavarella hut

Characters: The Fanes hut and the Lavarella hut are only ten minutes apart – and yet each has its own charm.

Route description: From the car park, an old military road provides easy access to the plateau. The path runs westwards without a major incline, past a harmless narrow section, until it finally leads to a fork: if you go straight south, the Fanes hut awaits you in 20 minutes, and if you go west, you will reach the Lavarella hut in minutes. The descent is via the same way as the ascent.

Starting point: Car parking at the Albergo Alpino Pederü
Walking time: 3.45h
Altitude metres: 500 m
Refreshment options: Albergo Alpino Pederü

Giogo d’Asta

Characters: The Giogo d’Asta, which is also called Postal or Cima Lasta, is an easily accessible peak and is well maintained.

Route description: Turn off the forest road to the first signpost (No. 67) in the forest. Descend to the Giogo d’Asta summit and then to the Prilleralm. Follow the fence to the north, past the cross-country ski trail and Starkenfeld hut. Continue north, follow the sign to Casteldarne. Across the alpine pastures to the edge of the forest and back to Elle. Descent to the path split and path number 67b back to the starting point.

Starting point: From Montal continue to Elle and there to the Kreuznerhof
Walking time: 3.45h
Altitude metres: 650 m
Refreshment options: Starkenfeld hut


Characters: Many peaks have been accessed with lifts and made more accessible to people in some way – but the Gabler is not one of them. Not only a popular destination for snowshoe hikers, but also for ski tourers.

Route description: From the car park on the toboggan run east over the Schnatzbach to the Guflanegg crossroads. There up the mountain ridge and further over the wide slope to the north with changing passages. When descending, do not head east, but along the ascent track or over the wide southern slopes to the Schatzer hut, where the path joins the toboggan run and leads to the starting point.

Starting point: Via St. Andrä and Palmschuss to the furthest Plose lift at the Bressanone ski hut.
Walking time: 3.30h
Altitude metres: 680 m
Refreshment options: Schatzer hut


Characters: The Adolf-Munkel-Weg is one of the best-known routes below the north faces of the gruppo delle Odle. As the sun’s rays rarely get lost in winter, the idyllic winter fairytale is preserved.

Route description: From the car park lot past the Zanser Schwaige into the forest, along the Tschanteschenon stream to Munkel-Weg. After an hour, first turn off to the Rifugio Delle Odle, second if you go straight on. Then climb to the right over a narrow forest-free ridge. Left past the Gschnagenhartalm, downhill towards the edge of the forest (if there is a risk of avalanches, stay above the Karboden), to the next path split and follow the sign to Funes. Continue to the bridge over the Brogelsbach, then right uphill to the Rifugio Delle Odle toboggan run. About five minutes downhill on the toboggan run, then right again to the Dusler Alm. Past the hut back to the starting point.

Starting point: Zanser Alm
Walking time: 4.30h
Altitude metres: 650 m
Refreshment options: Jausenstation Infostelle Zans, Zanser Alm, Zanser Schwaige, Rifugio Odle, Dusler Alm

Monte Pascolo

Characters: Monte Pascolo is a wonderful panoramic mountain that offers a magnificent panorama of the Sarentino Valley mountains and the Zillertal Alps.

Route description: After ten minutes on the winter hiking trail to the Rifugio Chiusa al Campaccio, turn right at the cross. Follow two bends to the forest clearing, then the climb over hill and dale begins. A fence marks the end of the edge of the forest. The slopes of the Kühbergalm lie in front of you. Climb slightly to the right. You only see the summit cross at the end. For the descent, follow your ascent tracks and go back to the starting point via the Brugger Schupfe.

Starting point: Kühhof car park in Latzfons
Walking time: 4.15h
Altitude metres:850 m
Refreshment options: Brugger Schupfe

Snowshoe hikes - three people in winter - Hotel Terentnerhof Snowshoe hike - Hotel Terentnerhof Family hike in winter - Hotel Terentnerhof

Sledding and tobogganing

Terento Centro

this track is best for a gentle ride. The track is located near the sports/recreation area. At 400 m in length and 80 m high, it is perfect for a terrific time with the family.

Pertinger Alm sledding track

above Terento is the Pertinger Alm mountain hut, popular in both summer and winter. From the large car park in Terento, take path no. 5. The Pertinger Alm is about an hour’s walk along this path. You can then enjoy 2.6 km of splendid sledding. This could well be one of the highlights of your winter holiday in Val Pusteria!

Toboggan run in winter - Hotel Terentnerhof Tobogganing fun with the family in winter - Hotel Terentnerhof Tobogganing fun in Val Pusteria - Hotel Terentnerhof

Varied winter experiences

Action: Husky sleigh ride on Passo delle Erbe

Is a husky sleigh ride on your must-do list? The foot of the Sass de Putia on the Passo delle Erbe is the scene of a very special adventure in winter: Take a sleigh and a four-legged team of Siberian huskies and have the time of your life …

Romance: Horse-drawn carriage and sleigh ride in Maranza

The snow-covered natural landscape slowly passes by, snowflakes fall from the trees and rays of sunshine dance through the air – the senses can wander on a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride in Maranza.

Adrenaline: Ice climbing in the Valle Aurina

It crunches and crackles quietly, the ice is asleep, but it lives under the pimples. It’s pure thrills as you climb over frozen waterfalls and icy walls. Insider tip: The ice climbing garden in Riva di Tures.

High altitude rush: Hot air balloon ride over the Dolomites

As the balloon glides through the air early in the morning, the rising sun paints the sleepy landscape in gentle shades of pink and gold. Snow-covered trees, wide valleys, frozen lakes and glistening meadows – the magic of a moment.

Slowing down: Llama & alpaca hike in Maranza

The sight of them triggers long-drawn out “Ahhs” and “Ohhs” and you just want to cuddle them right there and then. We are of course talking about alpacas and llamas. At the Hinterwalderhof in Maranza you can go on a hike with these funny companions. The single Siegfried, the party Paula, the nimble Fritz, the big Gustav and many other four-legged friends are looking forward to your visit.

Freedom: Paragliding flight from Gitschberg with Martin

Anyone who can see the world from above feels as free as a bird. Martin would be happy to take you on a tandem paragliding flight and show you the beauty of our corner of the world – from a completely new perspective.

Children - fun in the snow - winter - Hotel Terentnerhof Carriage with horses in winter - Hotel Terentnerhof Ice climbing in winter - Hotel Terentnerhof