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Hiking, mountaineering & climbing in Terento – Dolomites

For anyone who feels the lure of the peaks, steep slopes and long treks

An eagle swoops majestically, the marmots whistle and the sun shines bright in a cloudless sky. Here, immersed in the world of the Alps, you feel both free and in heaven. There are no signs, WiFi or technology – only you, the people you love, the cross on the summit, a good snack and the wonderful view that makes all your efforts worthwhile.

Such is a hiking holiday in Val Pusteria

Your eyes and thoughts wander far, to the horizons and down the valley, and to the woods, lakes and miniature towns far below. Are you ready for your adventure? Idyllic settings, age-old mountain pastures and meadows, the awe-inspiring and unforgettable sight of the sun rising from behind a mountain peak, pure fresh air … it is like playing a part in a film with the infinite beauty of nature as the protagonist.

Mountain lake in the countryside - Hotel Terentnerhof Hiking vacation in Val Pusteria - Hotel Terentnerhof Hiking, mountaineering & climbing in summer in Val Pusteria - Hotel Terentnerhof
Our highlights for your hiking holiday in Val Pusteria
  • Daily guided hiking tours with the experienced mountain guides Hans and Klothilde, provide individual hiking advice
  • adapted to different levels of difficulty: the guide Klothilde offers personal advice for planning your hiking route
  • Free rental of trekking poles and backpacks
  • 1 x weekly Nordic walking
  • Every morning, at breakfast, we offer printouts of our tips for daily excursions
  • Hiking maps to take with you
For anyone who loves nature, the mountains and sports:

Easy hikes for beginners

Dossi mountain hut from Riva di Tures

A visit to the Dossi mountain hut is a must for anyone on a hiking holiday in Val Pusteria! The hut is at an altitude of 1,911 m and is popular among hikers young in body or soul. Starting from Riva di Tures, the mountain hut can be easily reached along a wide forest path that leads gently uphill and continues along the peacefully flowing Dossi River. The hut is open to visitors, hikers and holidaymakers in both summer and winter.

From the parking area in Riva, at the end of the village (signposted), the forest path leads through Valle dei Dossi (“Knuttental” in German), a beautiful valley with larch woods and meadows. In this scenic setting, you can also see cows basking in the sun. The Dossi mountain hut is well known for its culinary specialities (which both look and taste delicious) and friendly atmosphere. Allow 2 hours to get there and back.

Starting point: Riva valley
Duration: 2 h

Lake Anterselva

Bear right on the main road at the junction after the Sports Centre. After 100 m, turn left at the fork and take path no. 11 to Anterselva di Sopra, pass the Biathlon Centre, and you’ll reach Lake Anterselva. You can then walk around the lake.

Starting point: church of Anterselva di Mezzo
Duration: 2 h, or 3 ½ h with tour of the lake

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Your hiking holiday in Val Pusteria should definitely include a visit to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo! Drive along the state road from Dobbiaco to Carbonin then, on the SS 48, turn left for Misurina and finally take the toll road to Rifugio Auronzo. From there, walk along path no. 101 to Lavaredo Forcella, continue to Rifugio Locatelli, and follow path no. 105 on the plateau of Pian da Rin up to Forcella Col di Mezzo. Path no. 105 leads gently back to Rifugio Auronzo.

Starting point: Rifugio Auronzo
Duration: 3 ½ h

Hike to the Earth Pyramids – The mills - Gols - Astnerberg mountain hut

Set off on path no. 2 for the earth pyramids in Valle di Terento, past the ancient mills on the mill trail. Just above the last mill, follow path no. 8 A to Gols (2 h) and then path no. 8 in an easterly direction down to Valle di Vena (Winnebachtal) and the Astnerberg mountain hut. From there, it takes an hour and a quarter to return to the starting point.

 Starting point: village centre
 Duration: 4 h

Funest-Chiusa Adolf Munkel trail

The Adolf Munkel trail, taking in the impressive Odle Group, is one of the best in the Dolomites. The starting point is the parking area of the Zannes mountain hut (1,685 m). Walk along path no. 6 for Ciancenon as far as the bridge over the river.

The Adolf Munkel path, no. 35, leads uphill just before the bridge to the right. The path, which is a little hilly, leads to the Casnago and then the Geisler mountain hut (which offers some truly exceptional South Tyrolean specialities!). Follow the gravel road back to the parking area of the Zannes mountain hut.

Starting point: parking area of the Zannes mountain hut
Duration: 3 ½ h

Valle d'Altafossa near Maranza

Drive to Maranza, pass the church and continue to the parking area of Valle d’Altafossa (paid parking). From there, walk through the idyllic Altafossa Valley to the Pranter-Stadl mountain hut (where hot food is served all day).

Starting point: parking area of Valle di Altafossa
Duration: 1 ½ h and 1 h for the Seefeld lakes

At the Englalm mountain hut

Follow the mill trail (signpost 2, about 100 m left of the hotel) past the earth pyramids and as far as the penultimate mill. Bear left up to the parking area. Then follow path no. 8 B, ), a wide paved road that leads gently uphill, to the Moser mountain hut (1,875 m). Next, follow path no. 8 to the Englalm mountain hut. You can choose to return along path no. 22, which goes back to the parking area, and then to the hotel along the mill trail (this section is quite steep).

Otherwise, you can take the path of the Rhododendrons (in German “Alpenrosensteig” – no. 8), which joins path 8 A in Gols. This path also takes you back to the parking area. For a leisurely walk, follow path no. 2 (the mill trail on the right bank of Rio Terento) back to the Terentnerhof.

 Starting point: Terentnerhof
 Duration: 4-5 h

A popular walk among our guests

To the Riva Falls

This wonder of nature is well worth seeing during your hiking holiday in Val Pusteria! Starting from Collalbo, cross the Aurino stream near S. Maurizio. At a fork in the road a little outside the village, take the turn along the right bank of the stream and continue on path no. 2 leading to Hotel Bad Winkel.

There, cross the Riva stream, and you will soon arrive at a crossroads. Cross this diagonally. Continue on the path of San Francesco no. 2 as far as the waterfalls, which follow one after the other and are all equally interesting. Go on to the Toblhof Hotel, cross the road and follow path no. 6 to Campo Tures or path no. 2 A to the nearby Tures Castle.

Starting point: Campo Tures, village centre
Duration: 3 h

From Luson to Rifugio Kreuzwiese

The legendary Kreuzwiese is in an idyllic setting on the Alpe di Luson. It can be reached from:

  • LUSON – Schwaiger Böden parking area: reached via Flitt
     Difference in altitude: 225 m
     Duration: 1 h leisurely walk
  • RODENGO – Zumis parking area: path no. 4, then no. 2, and follow 2 A for the Grimatze mountain hut
     Difference in altitude: 190 m
     Duration: approx. 2 h
  • ELLE (S. LORENZO DI SEBATO) – Kreuzner parking area: path 67/B up to the Astalm mountain hut, then the “Kreuzwiese” path no. 2 A
     Difference in altitude: 480 m
     Duration: approx. 1.40 h (return via Giogo d’Asta)
Tesido mountain hut

From the Mudlerhof farm, follow path no. 38 A gently uphill through the woods to the small valley of Rio di Tesido and as far as the mountain hut. This is a particularly enjoyable walk.

Starting point: Mudlerhof, Tesido
Duration: 1 ½ h

"Stocknertal" trail

Walk south to the recreational park and from there continue along the fitness trail (path no. 18) up to the point where it divides. Turn onto the “Stocknertal ” trail and follow this until it meets a narrow paved road. From there, continue north (path no. 17) to return to Terento.

Stay on the paved road leading back to the village. Pass the Stockner farm, the Edelweiss hotel and the Waldrast Restaurant.

Starting point: parking area in the village centre, path no. 18, “Stocknertal” trail no. 17
Duration: 55 min.

Lake Braies

A walk around Lake Braies, one of the most beautiful lakes in South Tyrol surrounded by wooded and rocky hills. The lake is almost 1,200 m long, 400 m wide and approx. 40 m deep. You should definitely visit this corner of paradise while on holiday in Val Pusteria …

Starting point: Braies, Lake Braies
Duration: 1 ½ h

Prato Piazza - Rifugio Prato Piazza - Rifugio Vallandro - Picco di Vallandro - Prato Piazza

Rifugio Prato Piazza can be reached in just half an hour by road (for some excellent South Tyrolean specialities!). Then follow path no. 33 in a northerly direction until you meet path no. 40 to the right, which takes you up the southern slope of Picco di Vallandro through picturesque meadows. It turns into a via ferrata from time to time. Go back down on path no. 40. At the intersection with the Alta Via delle Dolomiti 3, cross over to reach the plateau of Prato Piazza.

Starting point: Prato Piazza Braies di Fuori
Duration: 5 ½ h

Moarhof mountain hut - Rio Verde Lake

Keep to path no. 65 in the wooded valley as far as the Moarhof mountain hut, and from there climb the rocky slope up to the lake.

Starting point: Hofern, Moarhof parking area
Duration: 2 ½ h (up to the lake)

Panoramic archaeological trail of S. Lorenzo di Sebato

Panoramic archaeological trail of S. Lorenzo di Sebato – round trip to the “Sonnenburger Kopf” hill, starting from Santa Croce (Ponte Rienza) or Castelbadia (via Campolino). The panoramic archaeological trail around the “Sonnenburger Kopf” hill takes in archaeological sites of historical interest dating back to the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman times and late antiquity.

You may also get the chance to see some of the fauna on the “Sonnenburger Kopf” hill. The “Mansio Sebatum” is a “living” museum bridging past and present which all the family can enjoy. It tells the story of the settlements in Val Pusteria up to the Middle Ages. In the “Antiquarium” of the Town Hall is a fine exhibition of archaeological finds of the late stone age, bronze age and early iron age.

Naz-Sciaves apple trail

From Rasa, the apple trail (red-white sign no. 4) takes you through large orchards to Naz village centre. Then continue in the direction of Fiumes. At the second crossroads, turn right and walk along the blue and white marked path leading to Torre Walder (“Walder Tor” in German). The forest road leads to the village of Naz-Sciaves (in Valle Isarco) and Lake Flötscher. The path to the lake is no. 2 with white and red signs. You can then return to Rasa along the path or carry on to Aica. For Aica, you need to go a short way back to Sciaves, and follow the main road (path no. 8 with the white signs) as far as the petrol station and head for Col dei Bovi and then Aica. Return to Sciaves on path 9A through beautiful mixed woodland.

Lake Anterselva in summer - Hotel Terentnerhof View of the Three Peaks - Hotel Terentnerhof Hiking in the Dolomites in summer - Hotel Terentnerhof

Hikes of medium difficulty for explorers

To the Angerer and Lanzwiese mountain huts

From Valdaora di Sopra, follow the road to the small car park below the Riedler farms. Then, for half an hour, follow path 6 A through the woods to the Angerer mountain hut (a good place to eat). Continue along path 6 A which leads gently uphill through the woods, crossing other, wide woodland paths. At 1,680 m, the road meets path no. 6, which leads from Valdaora di Mezzo and up through the woods to Lanzwiese with its mountain lodges. The walk takes 2 hours from the starting point.

Starting point: parking area below the Riedler farms
Duration: 3 ½ h

Alpe di Rodengo, Rifugio Starkenfeld, Giogo d’Asta

Follow path no. 2 east through shady woods to Rifugio Starkenfeld. From Rifugio Starkenfeld, take path no. 2 which runs more or less on a level through the meadows and heads south-east to the point at which it joins path 67. Follow path 67 on the west side of Giogo d’Asta. This leads, at a moderate gradient, up to the summit cross.

Starting point: Rodengo parking area
Duration: 2-3 h

Rifugio Bressanone

You can drive to the valley floor and follow the narrow road to “Salto del Bove” (parking area). Just round the corner are the 30 mountain lodges and restaurant of Fane. Path no. 17 continues through the meadows to the end of the paved road. There is then a gentle climb in the gorge to Rifugio Bressanone.

Starting point: Valles
Duration: a climb of approx. 1 h ½ starting from Salto del Bove

Terento - Valle di Vena - Hofalm mountain hut - Pertinger mountain hut

Path no. 1 eastwards, then no. 5 to Valle di Vena and path no. 23 to the Astnerberg mountain hut. After a brief climb up from the valley along path no. 23, turn right at the crossroads onto path no. 29 for the Hofalm mountain hut. You’ll reach the mountain hut after about an hour’s climb. This is the most challenging half of the walk. About 300 m below the hut, path no. 5 C leads to the Pertiger mountain hut and path no. 5 A to the Nunewieser mountain hut, and you can then return to the starting point.

Starting point: parking area in the village centre
Duration: 5 ½ h

From Terento to Rifugio Lago di Pausa

Follow path no. 23 along the stream and you will reach the Astnerberg mountain hut after about half an hour. From here, continue along the increasingly steep road up to Rifugio Tiefrasten.

Starting point: Valle di Vena parking area
Duration: 3 h

The Stumpfalm and Kaseralm mountain huts at Casies

Keep following the signs for path no. 47 and “Stumpfalm” to the mountain hut (1 h ½). Then turn left and continue north to the Kaseralm mountain hut (approx. 20 minutes) on the little road. From there, follow the sloping woodland path into the Pfoital valley. The woodland path (no. 13) soon takes you back to the starting point. It is a good hour’s walk from the Kaseralm mountain hut.

Starting point: S. Maddalena di Casies from the nearby Brugger farms
Duration: 3 h

Dolomites - Hiking, mountaineering, climbing around Terento - Hotel Terentnerhof Hiking in South Tyrol - man & woman - flower meadow - Hotel Terentnerhof Hiking vacation in the Dolomites - man & woman - Hotel Terentnerhof

Challenging hikes for adventure-seekers

From Terento to Cima di Terento

If you’re looking for a bit of an adventure during your hiking holiday in Val Pusteria, this is the trail for you. Follow path no. 23 along the stream and you will reach the Astnerberg mountain hut after about half an hour. The little road then continues more steeply up to the Huber mountain hut. Continue up path no. 23 to Rifugio Lago di Pausa, or “Tiefrastenhütte” in German (a good place to have a break!). From the hut, follow the path southwest to Lago Campofosso (“Kompfosse” in German). At the lake, follow the rough track that leads in a westerly direction to the summit of Cima di Terento (2,738 m).

Just below the summit, path no. 22 bears south-east at a moderate gradient down to the Englalm mountain hut. From the Englalm mountain hut, keep above Rio Terento and walk south out of the valley. When you reach the little path, turn left, cross Rio Terento and return to Valle di Vena following the signs for path no. 1.

Starting point: Valle di Vena parking area
Duration: 8 h

Rifugio Roma ("Kasseler Hütte" in German)

You can breathe the sweet smell of freedom here at 2,276 m. All around is a stunning panoramic view over a world of extraordinary glaciers. Rifugio Roma in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park is the ideal starting point for easy hikes and other high-altitude hikes such as to Monte Nevoso (3,358 m), Sassolungo di Collalto (3,227 m) and Rifugio Vedrette di Ries (2,791 m).

From Riva di Tures, follow path no. 1 through the shady woods, first on a gentle slope and then gently uphill to a waterfall; further on, you pass the Terner and Epago mountain huts and finally climb up to Rifugio Roma, which you can see during your ascent. You can then return along the same path.

Starting point: Riva di Tures
Duration: 4 ½ h

For acrobats & tightrope walkers: climbing

Rock gym at Lake Issengo

14 trails, 140 stops – it should come as no surprise, then, that it is known as the greatest adventure park in South&nbspTyrol. But where is it? At Issengo! Or, more precisely: at&nbspLake&nbspIssengo.
This rock gym is designed not only for the youngest, but also for the more mature climbers who love to feel the thrill of excitement. One of the most difficult paths allows you to test your dexterity, fitness, strength and nerves at a height of about 20 metres.

Brunico Rock Gym

The Brunico rock gym is an architectural highlight as well as a paradise for climbers: with about 270 climbing trails, 230 boulders and a total climbing area of 2,500 m², this rock gym is without doubt one of the largest climbing centres in Europe.

Outdoor climbing with the Val Pusteria Mountain Climbing School

Are you keen on outdoor climbing? Would you like to try out some special trails in an unknown area, perhaps first with experts at your side?
If so, the Val Pusteria Mountain Climbing School is for you. During a 3 or 7-day course, beginners learn about climbing – and how to love it – while the most experienced can go on adventures in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites.

Individual climbing trail for experts

Strada degli Alpini, Sesto

The Strada degli Alpini is not only an absolute classic of the Dolomites, but also one of the best via ferrate in South Tyrol for anyone keen to take on a real challenge.

But beware: climbing equipment, a helmet, surefootedness, a head for heights and experience are all essential! You will explore and climb in the varied and rocky landscape of the Dolomites, wonderfully photogenic with stunning views of the Croda Rossa, Cima Dodici and the Three Peaks, among other sights.

Starting point: Dolomitenhof, Val Fiscalina

Climbing time: 8 ½ h
Degree of difficulty: difficult

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