Wellness hotel with sauna in South Tyrol

Regenerate, take a break, take a sauna

Finland has so many saunas (up to three million) that the entire population of Finland (more than 5 million) would be able to find a comfortable spot in them. A weekly trip to the sauna is just as usual there as brushing your teeth every day. Going to a sauna does not prevent cavities, but is healthy in other ways: blood vessels expand, blood pressure decreases, breathing increases, muscles relax, the heart and circulation are exercised, the immune system is strengthened and the good mood? That comes spontaneously.

But to be honest … so many Finns can’t be wrong, right?

Finnish sauna infusion - Hotel Terentnerhof Wellnesshotel with sauna - woman drinking water - Hotel Terentnerhof Sauna session - two women relaxing - Hotel Terentnerhof
Sweat now, glow later

Not only chocolate releases happiness endorphins, also a trip or two to the sauna can do the same.
That is why – It’s time for happiness, in our sauna paradise:

  • Eventsauna: with a wide view of meadows and forests, it creates a magical feeling of “outside time”. There are special infusions for body, mind and soul twice a day.
  • Bio-sauna: for gentle, deep relaxation.
  • Steam & aroma sauna: ethereal scents and harmonious lighting effects ensure an all-round well-being experience.
Tea kitchen - close-up - Hotel Terentnerhof
Drink tea and dive deep

Do you want to refresh yourself after the sauna? Then immerse yourself in our cold-water tub! Afterwards, enjoy your favourite infusion at the herbal tea corner and unwind in the comfortable panoramic relaxation areas.

Relaxation room AURORA - Woman reading newspaper - Hotel Terentnerhof
Slow down, just breathe

When you discover the view from our panorama quiet room, you will fall silent. But that is part of the program here.