Massages, body treatments & SPA

A rendezvous with deep relaxation

Hot oil flows along your spine, and then you feel gentle hands massaging in a circular motion to encourage absorption into the skin. You can smell the sweet scent of herbs and hear quiet and calming music. You unwind and let go, the balance of your body and soul is restored, tensions melt – you are doing yourself some good.

Hotel with massages - facial cream close-up - Hotel Terentnerhof
„With my massages I not only want to provide relaxation, but also release tensions and blockages in order to give my guests an improved body feeling.“

Besides, when was the last time you had a massage?

Soothing massages

Whether gentle pressure, kneading movements, stroking or stretching – massages are your ticket to total relaxation.

  • Relaxing massage (partial) | 25 min. | € 46,00
    Massage of legs, back, head and stomach … Relief is given to each part of the body
  • Relaxing massage (all body) | 50 min. | € 85,00
    It relaxes the muscles and stimulates circulation
  • Massage with Tibetan Bells | 50 min. | € 90,00
    On the meridian plane, the energy of the body is recirculated and any energy blocks are dissolved. While on a physical level, the sound waves penetrate every cell of the body. In this way, the body is made to vibrate gently, with a beneficial effect on the soma.
The TH special massages

With the Terentnerhof special massages, tension takes control of your legs.

  • Time-out massage Terentnerhof | 50 min. | € 90,00
    This special massage is composed of ancient techniques. This massage focusses especially on the back, shoulders and neck. At the end, the main joints of the body and the relaxation points on the head and face are added. The massage strengthens the back, relieves tension in the joints and stimulates a deep and restful sleep. This massage is perfect for stress relief, revitalize vitality and prevent burn-out syndrome.
  • Breuss massage with St.-John’s-wort oil | 50 min. | € 90,00
    In this gentle and energetic spinal massage, the back is carefully stretched to release physical tension. In addition, it enhances the regeneration of under-supplied intervertebral discs and loosens the muscles along the spine.
  • “Free spine” – Dorn-Breuss massage | 80 min. | € 127,00
    This is a combination of the Dorn Method and the Breuss Massage with soothing St.-John’s-wort oil.
  • Sports massage | 50 min. | € 94,00
    The sports massage is an extended form of the classical massage. It combines fascial massage with the most popular regeneration measure: the sports massage. It is a tissue stimulation for sports performances and intense movements. Ideal before, during or after physical activity. This massage is adapted to meet individual needs.
  • PHYTO ART – Zirbel active | 50 min. | € 90,00
    Feel nature directly on your body! This dynamic massage, with the special pine wood sticks and the activating herbal oil massage, has a regenerating and invigorating effect on the body. The pine scent from the pillow frees and strengthens breathing. Like a walk through South Tyrol’s pine forest.
  • Back ritual | 50 min. | € 90,00
    A varied treatment for your back, mind and soul. After a relaxing and effective back massage, you can really let go by using the hot roller, which contains essential oils from Art of Care. By means of targeted cupping, blood circulation is stimulated even better and tension can be relieved. Finally, we take you into the world of sounds by playing various sound bowls. Their vibration creates deep relaxation and blockages are released.
  • Back massage with basic salt and honey | 50 min. | € 90,00
    Every day, your back has to endure a great deal. A gentle massage by expert hands and with salt and honey frees the back from any contractions. With the application of hot packs and a vacuum treatment, the body relaxes and the circulation is efficiently restored. Bands are put on your arms and legs to successfully drain the acids and other harmful substances.
Deeply relaxing massages

Listen to the breath, feel the heartbeat, open the heart: Treat yourself to a precious moment of peace.

  • “Abhyanga” all-body ayurvedic massage | 70 min. | € 128,00
    In India, this traditional massage with oil is also called the “king of massages”. It involves gradual and sweet anointment of the body with hot oil. “Abhyanga” will put you into a state of relaxation and total lightness.
  • Lomi Lomi Nui | 80 min. | € 134,00
    In Hawaiian this massage is also called massage of the soul. Through a series of long and rhythmic movements, it helps relax the muscles and loosen up the joints – a relaxing treatment but at the same time invigorating and good for the circulation. its main aim, however, is to restore a balance between body and spirit.
  • PHYTO ART – Stone ritual | 50 min. | € 90,00
    This special ritual with warm volcanic stones and fresh crystals gives noticeably new life energy. The gentle touch of the warm stones, alternating with the freshness of the crystals, brings body and mind into deep relaxation.
Stimulating foot reflexology massage

Over the course of our lives, we cover around 185,000 kilometres – that’s roughly a billion steps. Or in other words: four times around the equator! Time to take care of our feet …

  • Stimulating foot reflexology massage | 25 min. | € 46,00
    The feet reflect the whole body with its strengths and weaknesses. Special massage techniques target the various reflexological areas to restore harmony to the entire body.
  • Sky & Earth | 50 min. | € 85,00
    A foot reflexology massage combined with a head and face massage can be an extremely beneficial and relaxing way to rediscover your inner balance.
  • Partial drainage lymph stimulating massage | 50 min. | € 85,00
    A relaxing and rhythmic massage using the hands, with draining and detoxifying effect, also strengthening the immune system and stimulating the metabolism.
Deep facial treatment

It’s Glow-time! Facial muscles need love too …

  • Basic facial | 50 min. | € 95,00
    Cleansing milk, deep cleansing (peeling), mask, care cream
  • Intensive facial treatment  | 80 min. | € 123,00
    Cleansing milk, deep cleansing (peeling), crystals, plucking eyebrows, massage, care cream
  • Face-Service | € 13,00
    Depilation of upper lip and eyebrows
  • Colouring eyelashes  | 20 min. | € 21,00
  • Dyeing eyebrows  | 20 min. | € 16,00

In the world of skin care, an exfoliation is like a breath of fresh air for the skin.

  • Peeling with Alpine hay | 25 min. | € 46,00
    Peeling with hay enriched with fine pink mountain salt cleans the skin in depth. This type of peeling encourages regeneration and makes the skin look lighter and brighter.
  • Basic peeling | 25 min. | € 46,00
    With healing oils and basic sea salt. It has a purifying and detoxifying effect.
  • Vitalpina® Hay Brush Peeling according to Vitalis Dr. Joseph | 40 min. | € 85,00
    This procedure follows a consistent concept, with the aim of achieving deep cleansing, making the skin appear brighter, clearer, more transparent and luminous. It stimulates the regeneration of the skin, removes dead skin lamellae, achieves deep absorption of the active ingredients and stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • PHYTO ART – Herbal peeling | 25 min. | € 46,00
    A gentle, skin-friendly herbal cream peeling for a fine, well looked after complexion. The finely ground grape pomace, mallow, marigold, nettle, horsetail and edelweiss, in the emulsion free the skin from dead skin cells, provide it with nutrients and care for it over the long term.
Exclusive body treatments

Our body treatments are more than just beauty rituals – they are moments of pampering and self-care and strengthen the connection with body, mind and soul. 

  • PHYTO ART – Silhouette | 50 min. € 91,00 | 80 min. € 128,00
    The areas on the body where we find cellulite are treated using a special scraping technique with the flurid wing to increase blood circulation, as this is impaired with cellulite. Due to the increased blood circulation, more oxygen is transported to the cells and waste products are removed from the tissues. The active pack made of algae, elderberry, cornflower and yarrow stimulates the metabolism in the cells and supports their fat breakdown. The final massage with the Silhouette body lotion made from ivy and bearberry acts as an antioxidant and reaffirms the connective tissue.
    50 min: Scraping, pack (alginate) and care cream.
    80 min: additional brush massage.

The pleasant warmth of the pack opens the skin pores. This increases the absorption of the natural, biological active ingredients many times over. We recommend a massage tailored to your needs, even better before each pack.

  • Sport – Energy | 25 min. | € 46,00
    This regenerating pack is recommended for all types of muscle tension to invigorate the body and strengthen the immune system. The extracts from arnica, hemp and horse chestnut, in synergy with the essences of stone pine and rosemary, have a blood circulation-promoting effect, so more oxygen reaches the cells, which promotes the regeneration of the muscles, revitalises the body and supplies it with new energy.
  • Derma – Relax | 25 min. | € 46,00
    Alps meets exotic. The plant active ingredients of birch, yarrow, fennel in combination with incense, ylang-ylang and plamarosa make this pack a relaxing and harmonising experience. The skin is nourished and moisturised with a whole cocktail of plants.
  • Meta – Active | 25 min. | € 46,00
    The brown algae has a wide spectrum of effects: it activates cell metabolism, supports thyroid activity and purifies the connective tissue. The hazelnut, orange and grapefruit tighten and smooth the tissue, promote blood circulation and supply the cells with oxygen and nutrients.
Full body treatments

The perfect mix of three worlds – a combination of peeling, massage and pack. The ultimate luxury skin care ritual to make you feel like new.

  • Alpine vital  | 110 min. | € 171,00
    Strength for everyday life
    The linen glove peeling frees the skin of old dead cells, increases blood circulation and the connective tissue becomes more absorbent. The reflex points on the back are stimulated with the pine sticks and the muscles are relaxed with the subsequent massage. The pack made from arnica, thistle and stone pine increases vitality and strengthens the immune system.
  • Balance alpine – exotic | 110 min. | € 171,00
    A real insider tip for your charisma! With the gentle herbal cream peeling, the skin is smoothed and freed from dead skin cells. The moisturising relaxation pack with birch, fennel and the essential oils of ylang-ylang, incense and grapefruit nourishes, tightens and relaxes the skin. The relaxation massage with crystals brings body, mind and soul into harmony.
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