Hotel South Tyrol with half board & soulfood dinner

Enjoyment from sunrise

Fresh and regional, with creativity, sophistication and subtlety – the half board ensures a really great feeling. Starting with breakfast in the morning, the vital TH lunch at lunchtime (not included) to the climax of enjoyment every evening: the soulfood dinner, aka the 5-course gourmet menu.

From the first bite to the last sip:
A day of enjoyment in stages
Breakfast on the sun terrace at the Hotel Terentnerhof
Early on:
breakfast happiness

enjoy it with us until 10:30. That means: Turn off the alarm, turn around again and enjoy your holiday. The smell of fresh rolls and hot coffee then leads you straight to the lovingly set table.

Soulfood dinner for connoisseurs in Terento - Hotel Terentnerhof
To the golden midday:
Easy-going lunch

We know: Holidays and experiences make you hungry. That is why we are happy to serve you (on extra charge) warm vital dishes from 1pm to 5pm (with choice) – with gourmet enjoyment guaranteed!

Good food is a good mood.
Homemade specialties - Hotel Terentnerhof
Fresh salads - Regional cuisine - Hotel Terentnerhof
Stay true to your roots

Regional cuisine

Regional cuisine in South Tyrol - Detail view of vegetables - Hotel Terentnerhof
To end in style:
The soulfood dinner

When the cooking is done with the heart and the mind looks over the shoulder, great things can arise.
In other words: Every day, from 19:00 to 20:15, you can look forward to… 5-course gourmet menu (with choice). Vegetarian dishes, a large vegetable and salad buffet as well as a dessert buffet once a week are included. The culinary supporting program is rounded off with exquisite wines.
P.S. Food intolerance or allergies? We would be happy to create your own menu for you – please let us know your wishes when booking.

Culinary gourmet events

At our theme evenings travel through the world of gourmet: Look forward to “The Romantic Dinner” and “The Night of the Alps”. Below is a small but clear preview:

The Night of the Alps

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy – these five flavours are familiar to all of us.
But we firmly believe that a significant nuance is missing: South Tyrol. This flavour is difficult to describe in words, as it combines an unexpected variety.
South Tyrol is the taste of the unspoiled Alpine air, the sun on the vineyards and the careful handicraft of our farmers. It is the taste of naturethat surrounds us and the dedicationthat our chefs work with. PS.: There is also a dessert buffet.

The romantic dinner

Take your time for the culinary masterpieces on your plate. Every now and then, let your eyes wander outside the box: share laughter, looks and taste experiences. In the romantic atmosphere every dish becomes the highlight of an unforgettable evening – a homage to love and gourmet enjoyment that will stay with you for a long time …

Soulfood dinner for connoisseurs in Terento - Hotel Terentnerhof Man & woman at dinner in the evening - Hotel Terentnerhof Light and easy lunch - Culinary delights - Hotel Terentnerhof
Girlfriends in hotel bar with drinks - Hotel Terentnerhof
Bar & Lounge
For an aperitif and digestif

Would you like ice cream, a TH signature drink or wine? Then take a seat – on our sun terrace and in the lounge.