The Vitalpina Hotel Terentnerhof in South Tyrol

There's always sunshine
at the Vitalpina Hotel Terentnerhof

The town of Terento is widely known as an ideal base for summer or winter trips into the Dolomites: a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But were you aware that Terento also bears the official title of "Land of the Sun"?
Yes, that's right, we're not joking. It has amazing 2,285 hours of sunshine every year!

Vitalpina Hotels

A place in the sun: highlights of our Vitalpina Hotel

  • Wholesome organic cooking
    We think it’s important to offer cuisine that is both healthy and delicious, and we’re always happy to cater for any allergies or intolerances.
  • A range of guided hikes
    Explore the world of nature with our friendly hiking guides, and admire sunrise in the mountains. A unique experience!
  • Vitalpina wellness rituals
    Enjoy a unique natural experience with products from Vitalis Dr. Joseph, made from a special blend of alpine and Mediterranean ingredients. Let yourself be pampered with a soothing massage ...

“Nature shows its greatest wonders in the smallest things.“ Carl Linnaeus

Mountains + sun + nature = perfect well-being

You're really on holiday. The Hotel Terentnerhof is completely in harmony with its natural setting, in- and outside. To make this possible, we at Vitalpina Hotels adhere to some very special quality standards, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of your well-being.

Savour life. It is very important for us that our guests enjoy the "alpine life" in every sense, so we offer an excellent range in terms of our cuisine, wellness services and outdoor activities.