Wellness massages

Do your body, soul & spirit some good

Hot oil flows along your spine, and then you feel gentle hands massaging in a circular motion to encourage absorption into the skin. You can smell the sweet scent of herbs and hear quiet and calming music.

You unwind and let go, the balance of your body and soul is restored, tensions melt - you are doing yourself some good.

Besides, when was the last time you had a massage?

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Relaxing massage
Do your body, soul & spirit some good
Our massages

Our massages
  • Relaxing massage (partial)
    25 min. € 35.00

    Massage of legs, back, head and stomach ...
    Relief is given to each part of the body
  • Relaxing massage (all body)
    50 min. € 55.00

    It relaxes the muscles and stimulates circulation
  • "Abhyanga" all-body ayurvedic massage
    70 min. € 85.00

    In India, this traditional massage with oil is also called the "king of massages". It involves gradual and sweet anointment of the body with hot oil. "Abhyanga" will put you into a state of relaxation and total lightness.
  • "Resonanz Dorsalis" back massage
    50 min. € 65.00

    This special spinal treatment will help you keep a proper posture. The treatment begins with a relaxing and effective back massage. There is then a deeply relaxing massage with cupping and Tibetan bells. This treatment restores the circulation of energy, dissolving any blocks.
  • "Resonanz" abdominal massage
    50 min. € 65.00

    This treatment strengthens the abdomen and improves intestinal activity. Lightening of the lower abdomen helps to reduce the stomach. This massage makes you feel deep relaxation.
  • Massage with Tibetan Bells
    50 min. € 60.00

    On the meridian plane, the energy of the body is recirculated and any energy blocks are dissolved. While on a physical level, the sound waves penetrate every cell of the body. In this way, the body is made to vibrate gently, with a beneficial effect on the soma.
  • Stimulating foot reflexology massage
    25 min. € 35.00 - 50 min. € 55.00

    The feet reflect the whole body with its strengths and weaknesses. Special massage techniques target the various reflexological areas to restore harmony to the entire body.
  • Sky & Earth
    50 min. € 59.00

    A foot reflexology massage combined with a head and face massage can be an extremely beneficial and relaxing way to rediscover your inner balance.
  • Partial drainage lymph stimulating massage
    Legs/chest 50 min. € 58.00 - 25 min. face € 38.00

    A relaxing and rhythmic massage using the hands, with draining and detoxifying effect, also strengthening the immune system and stimulating the metabolism.
  • Deep facial treatment
    50 min. € 60.00 - 80 min. € 80.00

    An extraordinary treatment with natural active ingredients, tailored to the needs of your skin and fast-acting, involving a series of deeply relaxing and pleasurable processes: skin type diagnosis, lymphostimulant massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep cleansing with cupping, eyebrow correction, special face massage with serum, intense massage and, lastly, a personalised daily treatment.
  • Peeling with Alpine hay
    25 min. € 30.00

    Peeling with hay enriched with fine pink mountain salt cleans the skin in depth. This type of peeling encourages regeneration and makes the skin look lighter and brighter.
  • Basic peeling
    20 min. € 30.00

    With healing oils and basic sea salt. It has a purifying and detoxifying effect.
  • Energising massage with brush in combination with a wrap on the stomach and mask in basic fabric
    60 min. € 60.00

    A gentle and intense massage with thin bronze bristles will leave you feeling invigorated. This massage with activated brush and expert hands has a revitalising and relaxing effect. The skin is freed of dead cells and sweetly re-energised to glow afresh. With a basic wrap, all acids and other harmful substances are drained in a particularly effective way. Masks in basic fabric help the skin to self-cleanse.
  • Back massage with basic salt and honey
    60 min. € 60.00

    Every day, your back has to endure a great deal. A gentle massage by expert hands and with salt and honey frees the back from any contractions. With the application of hot packs and a vacuum treatment, the body relaxes and the circulation is efficiently restored. Bands are put on your arms and legs to successfully drain the acids and other harmful substances.
  • Basic body and cellulite treatment
    90 min. € 80.00

    The treatment includes peeling with AlcaBagno basic sea salt, plant extracts for drainage and gel to stimulate purification. The wonderful combination of massage with suction cups and selected plant extracts like ivy or centella asiatica, as well as a hot gel pack with Cayenne pepper and ivy, revitalises the skin. The special technique with the pack visibly helps to slim and tone the body. Treatment with basic sea salt and horse chestnut extract is also effective on tired and heavy legs.
  • Basic salt and oil massage
    30-45 min. € 45.00

    This massage involves the use of ozonised olive oil. The combination also of AlcaBagno curative mineral salt and precious functional oils frees the skin from dead cells and gently stimulates the circulation of blood. This pleasant treatment leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
  • Basic pedicure
    30 min. € 20.00

    Treat your feet to beneficial relaxation with a basic mineral-foot bath.