Hiking in autumn



Our hotel in the tourist region of Plan de Corones & Terento

For anyone who loves the thrill of excitement

Would you like to go on a special adventure that will make your pulse race and stay in your mind forever?

There are plenty of perfect opportunities within walking distance of our 4 star Superior hotel in the exciting tourist region of Plan de Corones and Terento. Beware, however! Some really do require nerves of steel and a lot of courage.

Adventure Park with Powerfan in Issengo
3D archery course at Valdaora
Change your perspective. See the earth from above.
  • Skyscraper - the giant swing
    Sitting on a swing, secured by harnesses, the most daring and those looking to explore their limits will be lifted from the ground with a pulley up to a height of 15 metres. Then it is up to you to push off and... wahey! You feel yourself flying through the air!
  • Kronfly
    Your legs hang in the void. Feel free as a bird. Brace yourself, jump, and fly! Kronfly's experts in the tourist region of Plan de Corones will take you on an unforgettable flight in tandem!
  • Zip Line
    10 ropes, 11 platforms, 3,200 m total length, 100 m at the highest point, 80 km/h and a 90-minute rush of adrenaline! What should I bring? A lot of courage. A cheerful attitude. And nerves of steel. What shouldn't I bring? A fear of the void. The Zip Line in San Vigilio, Plan de Corones, is the longest of its kind in Europe and an adventure not to be missed by anyone who loves extreme sports.
KronAction - the name says it all
  • Slingshot
    The "human sling" launches you into the air at over 100 km/h.
  • Adventure Park with Powerfan in Issengo
    14 trails and over 140 stations - the greatest adventure and climbing park in South Tyrol is in Issengo. The easiest paths are suitable for children aged 2.5 years and above. There are, of course, also medium and difficult paths.
  • Giant bungee trampoline
KronArc Adventure
  • 3D archery course at Valdaora
    Discover the Robin Hood in you and "hunt" 3D animals that look extraordinarily life-like. During the highly varied course you have a total of 28 goals - and at the end the best marksman may be selected.
Water sports in the tourist region of Plan de Corones
  • Rafting
    Brave the wild waters in an inflatable boat! You’ll be swerving and swirling in untamed torrents, but always in the company of an expert raftguide! Rafting starts from Lake Issengo, and you can go down the river and through the canyon of Rienza, along the River Isarco, and to many other places.