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Your active holiday in South Tyrol

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Stroll through the old town of Brunico and admire the window displays of delightful shops, buy something you like the look of, and climb up the hill to the Castle of Brunico, where you can learn lots of things about mountain folk throughout the world. Scene change.

Visit the Museion, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bolzano, and exchange ideas, attend special exhibitions and dance performances, breathe a Mediterranean atmosphere, and even enjoy the flavours of South Tyrol. Scene change. Relive the life of underground miners. In the summer, enjoy a Spritz and some delicious cheeses as the sun is setting.

Embrace the variety. Treat your holiday like a lifestyle and with all your senses.


Museums & more
  • Messner Mountain Museum Corones
    Distance from the hotel: approx. 23 km

    This Messner Mountain museum, one of several named after the famous extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, is a jewel in the crown of the Plan de Corones. The MMM Corones is located on the plateau at approx. 2,275 m a.s.l. and gives an insight into the history of the Alps. It also affords wonderful views of the mighty mountains all around.
  • Messner Mountain Museum Ripa
    Distance from the hotel: approx. 19 km

    The MMM Ripa is located in the Castle of Brunico, which overlooks the medieval town of the same name. The theme of the museum is: meet mountain folk from all over the world. Come to learn more about the lifestyle of mountain peoples in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.
  • Museion: the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bolzano
    Distance from the hotel: approx. 64 km

    Impressive describes not only the interior of the museum, but also the appearance of the entire complex: the glass facades are cleverly combined with futuristic architecture. This monumental building is home to over 4,500 modern and contemporary works of art. And it regularly hosts special exhibitions of artists from all over the world and of international acclaim.
  • The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano
    Distance from the hotel: approx. 64 km

    If you’re interested in archaeology and have yet to see the fascinating Ötzi the iceman, we recommend you visit the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano. Thousands of visitors come to see this Copper age mummy every year.
  • The Mining Museum and Climate Tunnel in Predoi
    Distance from the hotel: approx. 56 km

    You're given a helmet and wind jacket and a pit train takes you one kilometre into the tunnel. There begins a guided tour along a 350 m route. Full-size reproductions of workers tell of the work and lives of miners underground. There is also a Climate Tunnel, where you can breathe freely and enjoy a moment's peace and relaxation. The Climate Tunnel is located 1,100 m in the heart of the mountain, and is where respiratory diseases are alleviated thanks to a very special micro-climate virtually free of allergens and dust.
Lifestyle choices for a holiday in style
  • Capriz goat cheese dairy
    Go on a journey of discovery of the world's most delicious cheeses: a cheese museum, a world of adventure, a wine shop and bistro offer a culinary treat and sensual experience at high altitude.
  • "Pur Südtirol" market of flavours in Brunico
    South Tyrolean game specialities, specialty cheeses, bread and fresh pastries, speck ham, typical smoked sausages, top South Tyrolean wines, apples, different types of pasta, herbs and more: the "Pur Südtirol" Market of Flavours is all about freshness, quality and sustainability. This market in Brunico is a must for anyone wishing to purchase souvenirs or savour some delicious local delicacies on holiday.
  • Alpe Pragas, Braies
    Alpe Pragas is the result of a flash of genius and the relentless pursuit of a dream. It is the first company of its kind in Italy to produce fruit compotes containing 70% fruit. "The products must be so good that you cannot stop eating them" is the company’s adage. Alpe Pragas, however, is about more than just fruit compotes. It has diversified to also offer chutneys, juices and its own range of organic products. Sounds mouth-watering enough for you?
  • Franz Kraler Luxury Multibrand Store in Dobbiaco
    The name says it all. The appreciation of beauty is a fine art. Here, customers can take their time without feeling the need to hurry. You can browse at leisure while your partner and pet enjoy themselves elsewhere. Because high fashion deserves special attention.
  • Schönhuber in Brunico
    Here you can find gift items, accessories, toys and household goods of many brands, including Hutschenreuter, Ginori, Meissen, Aatala, Alessi, Eva Solo, Stelton and Wedgewood.
  • "Anders" boutique
    The motto of the boutique is "Be different" - or, in other words, "dress differently". "Anders" is all about fashion that is easy to wear: special and elegant, and not the eccentric sort you see on the catwalk.
  • Tschurtschenthaler in Brunico
    This shop has been in the business of textile products and collector's items for about 200 years. Here you will find selected brands such as Anne Claire, Hugo Boss, My Herzallerliebst, Diesel, Med Winds and Hannes Roether, among many others.
  • Multilabel Fashion Store Maximilian
    At the Maximilian Store Basic, in the old town of Brunico, you will always find the latest ranges by Guess, Pepe Jeans, Michael Kors, Moschino Boutique, Sun 68, Refrigue, Better Rich and Gabs. In the "His & Hers" department at the other end of the street, you can browse the most fashionable garments of Twin Set Jeans, Michael Kors and Liu Jo.
  • "Öhler Fashion" boutique in Bressanone
    Fashion and accessories for men and women - this is the place where all dreams come true. Fashion that makes you feel special every day.
  • Colmar Lab, Bastioni di Brunico
    Colmar offers high value and quality sports fashion, with originals, footwear, golfing gear and outdoor wear for ladies & gentlemen: all to be discovered in Brunico.
  • Luis Trenker Shop in the world of loden in Vandoies
    Luis Trenker fashion - sporty, elegant or traditional: you come here to discover a real passion, pioneering spirit and keen interest in the alpine lifestyle.
Shopping at Brunico
Lifestyle choices for a holiday in style
Your active holiday in South Tyrol